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Minibeasts and Mulch

What creepy crawlies live in your backyard? Join Claire as she chats about the amazing places that minibeasts live and shows you a fun activity that you can do at home!


Keen to explore the cryptosphere some more and discover what minibeasts live in your backyard? Download a fun activity that you can do at home!

You can make your own forest floor at home. For this activity you will need:

Watch the video to follow these easy instructions on how to create your own forest floor:

  • Colour your piece of paper completely brown to make the soil layer.
  • Glue down minibeasts that live in the soil layer eg. earthworms, grub, larvae.
  • The next layer is the mulch layer. Cover the soil layer with leaves but don’t stick the whole leaf down. You need to be able to lift up the leaf to see the animals in the soil layer!
  • Glue on some of the minibeasts that live in the mulch eg. cockroach, scorpion, millipede.
  • Now repeat adding leaves for the final leaf litter layer, remember don't glue down the whole leaf. Then add some animals eg. spider, ant and snail.
  • All done! Now you can lift up the leaves to find the minibeasts hidden in each of the forest floor layers.

Take a photo of your forest floor creation and tag #QMNetwork #museumathome for us to share!