Museum at Home

Corals and Reefs 

Learn about the incredible organisms that are the building blocks of our coral reefs then head to the kitchen and make your own sweet, edible coral polyp in our fun at home activity!

Now that you know more about coral polyps, you can make an edible coral polyp at home in your kitchen. Make sure you ask for assistance from a grown-up!

Here are some suggestions for the ingredients:

  • Piece of banana or a marshmallow
  • Gummy string lollies or cooked spaghetti or cooked noodles. Note: we cut up our gummy string lollies to make them nice and thin!
  • Large round plain biscuits 
  • A sticky spread eg. jam or honey
  • Green sprinkles or sugar coloured with green food dye
  • Plate
  • Spoon
  • Knife
  • Toothpick

Watch the video to follow these step-by-step instructions!

  • Take a piece of banana and make a small hole in the top with a toothpick. This is the body of the coral polyp and the hole is its mouth. 
  • Place a dollop of jam in the centre of a whole biscuit and stick the banana to the biscuit. Here you are attaching the polyp to the sea floor.
  • Next poke the string lollies into the banana around the edge so they look like tentacles. A toothpick will help you stick these into the banana.
  • Sprinkle coloured sugar on top of the polyp - this is the zooxanthellae.
  • Break up your biscuits and stick them to the sides of the banana as a protective shell for the polyp.
  • Enjoy!

Get handy in the kitchen and tag your edible coral creations #QMNetwork #museumathome