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Little Learners

What’s the mystery object? Listen to clues in the guessing poem and see if you can guess what it is! Our presenters will tell you some fun facts about a special museum object or specimen and give you some fun ideas for activities that you can try at home.


Liked learning all about B-Rex and dinosaurs? Here's some tips on how to make your own Design a Dinosaur mask:

  • Download and print your mask pieces hereA grown up may have to help you.
  • Now it's time to design your own dino mask! 
    • Decide what colours it is going to be – is it a brightly coloured dinosaur for attracting a mate, or a camouflaged coloured dinosaur to hide from predators?
    • Draw in some teeth – does your dinosaur have sharp pointy teeth for eating meat, or flat grinding teeth or a beak for plants?
    • Draw in some head features – does your dinosaur have feathers like B-Rex? Or horns and frill like a Triceratops? It could also have feathers, scales, quills or spikes. Use your imagination or pictures of dinosaurs to give you some inspiration!
    • Carefully, cut our your mask pieces, including the nostril holes (this is where you look through). Ask a grown up for help if you need it. Careful scissors are sharp!
    • Staple, glue or sticky tape the headband onto the front of the mask, making sure it fits comfortably around your head.
    • Now that you have your dinosaur mask, you can stomp and roar like a dinosaur! ROOOAAAARRR!!!

    Interested in having B-Rex our dinosaur puppet visit your school or Early Learning Centre in Townsville? Find out more about Museum of Tropical Queensland's Little Learners Museum Outreach Program here.




    Watch the complete 2020 Little Learners series here. 

    We also run Little Learners sessions at our Cobb+Co Museum in Toowoomba and The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich, and on Little Learners Discovery Days at Queensland Museum in Brisbane.

    Visit the museum’s website for more information. Little Learners sessions will also run again at Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville when the museum reopens in 2021.

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