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At Home Activities

It’s time to have some fun with these super cool free activities. Whether you're interested in animals, archaeology, palaeontology, marine biology, trains, rocks and minerals, forces, space, gases or other science related topics there’s something for everyone. Become a science explorer and see what you can find!

Animal Athletes

Get ready to learn about the athletic abilities of Australia’s animals and see how you compare. Try to beat the by-the-wind jellyfish across the ocean, out run the emu, out jump the green tree frog. Download your school holiday challenge sheet here and over the next two weeks we'll be releasing exciting challenges on Museum at Home for you to test your skills.

Animal Face Mask 

Disguise or dress-up as a mighty dinosaur or friendly spider with our printable animal face masks. Get creative and add your own colours and craft to your mask!

Colouring-In Activity

  • A-Z Queensland Animals  - Spend time colouring-in and learning about some of the many animals of Queensland with our A-Z animal colouring activity. 
  • Endangered Animal Species in Queensland - Can you match the common name and scientific name to the animal? In our Queensland endangered species activity, spend time mindfully colouring-in and matching up the listed names to the species illustration, and learn about some of the species that are currently classified as endangered in Queensland.

Colouring-In Sheets Animal Athletes

MakerSpace Activities

Word Search

It’s time to put your detective cap on! Uncover a world of hidden items from exhibits and collections across the Queensland Museum Network with these free online word searches. 

Queensland Museum, South Bank  

  • Dinosaur  Find 20 words, hidden in all directions, that are related to these fascinating animals. Then check out all the cool facts on these incredible creatures.
  • Spiders – Find 20 words, that will be sure to give you the creepy crawlies. Find out how many of these spiders were discovered by Queensland Museum scientists.
  • Anzac Legacy Gallery – Find 25 words that showcase the fascinating story of the First World War in Queensland.
  • Wild State Gallery  Roam Queensland’s rich biodiversity and see if you can find 25 words that showcase our wildlife from the smallest insect to the largest bird?
  • SparkLab  Follow your curiosity and see if you can solve the science question. Can you find 25 words about STEM learning? Bring the force with you as you uncover the ingredients for this science experiment.

The Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich

  • All Aboard  Get a sense of the story of rail in Queensland and see what fascinating trains steamed through South East Queensland. Can you find 25 words?
  • How Cities Work  Explore to see if you can find 25 words describing how a city works. From the sewers below your feet right up to the skyscrapers, and all the secret workings in between.
  • Locomotive Work  From the engines of the past, through to the trains of the future. Can you find 20 words about trains?
  • Queensland Model Railway  Explore Queensland in miniature to see if you can find 20 words. 
  • Diesel Revolution  Discover what drives a diesel and what diesel locos were used for. Can you find some of what they used to haul in the word search?

Cobb+Co Museum, Toowoomba

  • National Carriage Collection – Discover how these horse-drawn vehicles moved people from A to B. Find 25 words and bring history to life.
  • Hands On – Apart from being a super science word sleuth, step back in time and learn some new skills that involved using materials such as leather, copper and steel. See if you can find these 25 words and bring back lost trades.

Museum of Tropical Queensland, Townsville

  • Pandora – Let’s take an underwater dive and see what we can find out about the Pandora ship? Don’t sink before you find the words. 
  • Enchanted Rainforest  Learn more about one of our richly diverse, unique North Queensland environments in the Enchanted Rainforest featuring a huge quandong tree, hidden birds and other native animals. 
  • Ancient Sea Creatures – They may be hard to spell, but see if you can find these deep-sea creatures that lived over 100 million years ago in this fun word search. 

Skull Challenge


We are challenging all our #CouchCurators to a tongue twister with a museum slant. Our skull case is a favourite among visitors and now we want to see how fast you can list all the skulls on the board. Can you beat Dr Rob Bell? Take the challenge and share your videos with us on social media with the hashtag #QMSkullChallenge. Download Skull Challenge

Scavenger Hunt Activity

There are many species of animals and insects all around our environment! Have fun exploring and finding the different animals you share your neighbourhood with by doing a scavenger hunt!

Backyard Explorer Activity

Use the Backyard Explorer resources which include dozens of activities about biodiversity assessments, insect collection and identification, digital story making and ways to observe wildlife close to home.

National Reconciliation Week 

Join Queensland Museum Network in celebrating National Reconciliation Week. Print and cut out our Reconciliation Hands and display them around your home, office and school! Download here. #InThisTogether2020 #NRW2020